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Race horse has heart attack

HDO_Admin | January 22nd, 2008

July In Gold was about to leave for the barriers around 5.30pm when it suddenly went berserk and dislodged jockey Alex Chew before collapsing.

July In Gold lying in the enclosure after it collapsed and died just 10 minutes before the race at Batu Gantong in Penang.

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African horse sickness

HDO_Admin | January 22nd, 2008

To date 16 suspected cases of AHS have been reported from various parts the country. All these appear to be isolated and are horses with a high-risk profile. Compared to the same period last season fewer cases have been reported this season. This is attributed to the improved level of protection of horses in the George/Knysna area

First report was received in September with suspected cases reported in October, November and December 2007. The Trust’s opinion that as a result of its efforts to raise awareness of the disease and improve the reporting systems, it has led to greater sensitivity and more cases being logged.

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