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Read the Biopulsars Introduction or

HDO_Admin | July 10th, 2008

The Biopulsar training covers such topics as The seven levels of

The Importance of an Aura Picture in Modern Practice The Biopulsar dynamic aura pictures is not just graphic animation as illustrated on other aura systems but the picture corresponds to over 90 of the real subjective perceptible biofield of the human energy field. It is also our opinion that by using reflex zones sensors the Biopulsar measures more dynamics, than any other aura system, which makes it the progressive holistic energy technology on the market.

Also the Biopulsar is the only biofield system that details specific physical body parts thereby allowing the applications of measuring data to be used for its biofeedback of the vitality levels of the organs and glands. As well the Biopulsar can be used with IBM compatible computers. Our training program focuses on preventative health care medicine and surpasses any training program currently offered by other biofield technology that provides as detailed training as the Biopulsars to ensure the technology is understood.

For the indepth BiopulsarReflexograph report, demonstration or more information contact Susanne Murphy, Colour Therapist & Biofield Specialist 18002251226 Main Advantages To Purchasing the Biopulsar Summary Why Choose the BiopulsarReflexograph Overview Competitor Comparison Chart Biopulsar Features Aura Video Station Kirlian QXCI Over Measuring Stations Undisclosed No Measuring Stations Virtual Channels via electrical parameters Indirect Meridian Testing Undisclosed No Undisclosed Pure Pulse Diagnosis Unknown No Unknown Dynamic Aura Presentation of the Whole Body Exclusive to the Biopulsar Reflex Zone Biofeedback of Complete Body via Organs and Glands. The Biopulsar replicates ones aura according to the actual bodys vitality!

Currently, Colour Energy Corporation CEC sends out newsletter at least twice year updating owners on research, products, services and any other news related to the science of the biofield. We encourage BiopulsarAurastar users to support the ongoing study of the electromagnetic field by sharing their research so the development of the technology can be studied, validated and used by all owners for the growth and understanding of the anatomy of the human energy field. See Technology Features for more indepth reports of the BiopulsarReflexographs capabilities!

It is easy to operate, extremely accurate and efficient. The Biopulsar sensors reads reflex zones simultaneously therefore giving an accurate organ and meridian diagnosis. Other manufacturers say that they take all information into account but they do not disclose nor can they prove how they derive their findings. As well, half of the population feels that medicine is not helping and that they are very often being misdiagnosed or treated incorrectly.
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HDO_Admin | May 5th, 2008

Accessing the realtime energetic information in few different formats allows the practitioner to instantly analyze the patient on holistic levelnot just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. The Biopulsar gives the user and client an instant reflection of the health of body parts. The special training includes biofield research information discovered as well as ongoing support services see Support Centre Training Outline. The sensor data is made available through an IBM compatible PC Windows via the UBS port for the further processing of the software.

Its Easy to Use the Biopulsar The Sciences Behind the Biopulsar Biofeedback System Through the use of specialized electrodes, the BiopulsarReflexograph handplate sensors scan various parts of the body through the reflex zones of the left hands palm. It is said that our bodys organs emit colourcoded vibration, which can then be influenced by colour. The Biopulsar is the first biofeedback imaging technology that can create full colour bioenergy of the full human body electromagnetic energy field utilizing the information from biomedical sensors.

Through the changed way of sight one can look deeply into the nature of sickness, fine substance matter healing, and one can experience energetic protection techniques including preventative medicine. Health practitioners agree that stress and tension held within the body contribute to many illnesses and being able to document the bodys response patterns provides method of insight.

In turn, the system then displays the vitality of body parts, which include brain parameters. The Biopulsar has numerous uses in behavioral medicine and medical applications that unite the body and its energetic process. It is well known by modern medicine that the internal organs are represented on the surface of the body by areas of skin that share the same nerve supplies as these organs.

For several years, the developer, Martina Gruber, worked with an international research team consisting of biofield researchers, therapists and sensitive lifeenergy investigators many of whom attended esoteric and medical fairs and congresses worldwide, conducted biofeedback measurements and aura pictures on thousands of people and who evaluated these measurements. The Biopulsars handplate sensors correspond to the bodys organs. Gruber perfected the aura sensor further for the medical market because of the wishes from various types of physicians the result was the holistic biofeedback system called BiopulsarReflexograph.
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